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Local Citizens Advice offices provide advice to residents in London boroughs. Check services available in your area.

Projects & Partnerships

For more information about Citizens Advice projects and partnerships working at pan-London regional or subregional level.

13 September 2023

Cost of Living partnership

Our work with GLA and London partnership model is showing impressive reach.

2 August 2023

Cost of living case study - GLA support extends help to thousands

Our partnership with GLA (Greater London Authority) has enabled the London Citizens Advice network to extend help to many thousands of Londoners impacted by the ongoing cost of living crisis in the capital.

30 July 2023

London Propel

London Citizens Advice are working with London Funders to address issues of skills and workforce development in London's Advice sector.

25 July 2023

Healthy Advice

Developing links between Citizens Advice and health in London.

6 April 2023

Advice First Aid - scaling up across London

Hounslow and Harrow become early adopters of Advice First Aid

18 February 2023

Reaching further with cost of living support - borough based and London partnerships

Local collaboration, innovation and community engagement is key to tackling the cost of living crisis - find out more about how the London Citizens Advice network are working in partnership.

23 January 2023

Debt and Money Advice for Londoners

The Money Advice and Pension Service (MAPs) reckon that around 9.3 million people across the UK were in need of Debt Advice in 2022, and that London is the epicentre where need for advice is greatest and rising the fastest. London Citizens Advice are working harder than ever to meet local needs.

21 November 2022

Partnering locally: Cost of living support and campaigns

As the cost of living crisis escalates, here some of the things that are happening across London locally through our partnership work.

7 August 2022

Cost of living impact in London - Local Citizens Advice research

Some local Citizens Advice in London have conducted their own research on the impact of cost of living challenges for local clients and services

8 July 2022

Strategic Partnership with GLA

New Partnership with GLA based on co-production principles to address cost of living issues.