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Local Citizens Advice offices provide advice to residents in London boroughs. Check services available in your area.

Policy 21 April 2022

London Elections Briefing

As London boroughs go to the polls, there are key challenges facing the Capital, especially the cost of living. Advice services are there to help but need resourcing.

London Citizens Advice have published a briefing for candidates in the upcoming local elections. As new Councils take office in May, there will be many challenges facing Londoners and issues that boroughs will need to respond to. Across London, local Citizens Advice work closely with London Councils; building and maintaining relationships with local government, working together to improve the lives of residents, helps ensure that the best possible local advice and support services are available, and the wellbeing of communities in each borough is enhanced.

The cost of living crisis is impacting Londoners, and we are seeing that in demand for our services across London. We hope that the briefing below will be useful for prospective Councillors in understanding some of the challenges that their boroughs will face.